Your image is everything to your customers. Clean floors, utensils, and countertops are kept clean to convey the image that everything unseen is just as clean. For sanitary reasons you need to keep your plumbing and sewer systems clean and operating smoothly to prevent backups and keep insects away.

Lapin Services will take the proactive lead for you in maintaining your drainage and sewer systems. We offer complete store coverage including cleanings, repairs, and installations. Our project managers will carefully keep track of your manifest paperwork and act as your agent regarding the local compliance inspectors.

We have the following programs to keep your restaurant operating efficiently and environmentally compliant:

Grease Trap Maintenance Program – Did you know that your local city or county inspectors require you to have your grease traps cleaned every quarter at least? See our section on Grease Traps.

Lapin Services specializes in grease traps including:

  • New Installations
  • Replacements/Emergency Repairs
  • Cleaning, Pumping and Disposal
  • Compliance Reporting and Record-keeping

Lift Station Maintenance Program – If you are on a private sewer lift station (see our section on Sewer Lift Stations) then you are responsible for its healthy and compliant operation. All of your wastewater flows to your sewer lift station so it is very important that this system does not fail. Did you know that most cities and counties require you to have regular inspections and cleanings of your lift station? Lift Stations are regularly inspected in all cities and counties, sometimes without your knowledge. We offer monthly inspections to give you peace-of-mind in knowing that you will pass inspections with ease and not have any major failures with your lift station.