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Lift Stations

Lapin Services provides Orlando and Central Florida with lift station repair, lift station maintenance, 24 hour lift station emergency services as well as lift station inspections, pumping and installations. Having problems with your lift stations? Give us a call immediately and see why we are the number one trusted service provider in all of Central Florida!

Lift stations consist of a large concrete or fiberglass well that varies in size (such as 12 feet deep by 6 feet in diameter) that gravity sewer pipes flow into. The well of the lift station has many components inside of it along with a control panel above ground. Inside the well are at least two pumps and a group of float switches. The float switches give orders to the control panel about the level of the wastewater in the well which then directs the pumps to turn on and off appropriately to force the wastewater into the outlet pipes to continue its path toward the wastewater treatment plant.

Because lift stations have so many intricate parts that all need to work flawlessly and so much is on the line if the station goes down (everything up the line will back up if it stops pumping properly and the well can overflow), it is extremely important to have your lift stations maintained at least every month. Lapin Services can provide this service with full capability and qualifications.

Sewer Systems

Sewer systems are engineered to collect wastewater from houses and commercial buildings through a system of pipes and pumps and direct it toward a wastewater treatment plant. The means of travel for this wastewater relies primarily on gravity or pressure (from pumps) to move through the pipes that contain it. Most wastewater starts out moving by gravity downhill through pipes underground toward a lift station (see below). From there a pump forces the wastewater uphill toward a wastewater plant.

If sewer is not available in an area, then a septic system will be used to treat wastewater on-site. Sewer pipes are meant to contain the wastewater inside of them, but sometimes these pipes become damaged by shifting soils, construction, deterioration, etc. When this happens the wastewater can leak out of the pipes; called exfiltration. Additionally, groundwater, stormwater, and soils can leak into the pipes; the soils can cause the pipes to backup, this is called infiltration.

As wastewater flows downhill by gravity it will eventually empty into a lift station at some point before continuing on to a wastewater plant.

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