DIY Septic System, Good Idea?

DIY Septic System, Good Idea?

Growing up as a kid on a large property in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a humbling experience in its own. I can remember on our old property we had a our own DIY septic system, it was a home made septic tank covered by a sheet or two of galvanize and a couple cement blocks. Those were the days back in the 80’s. Now as I am older and I work for Lapin Services I realized the days of old fashioned septic tanks are over. Living in Florida and being an employee for Lapin Services I quickly realized that old set up we had in St. Croix is not going to cut it any more. For the first week or two I had a great experience going out with the construction team and observing the process. From the digging into the ground to seeing the drain field installed it made me realize that the days of digging a hole in the ground and covering it with a piece of sheet metal are over. Our guys out in the field I admire, especially after seeing the hard work, precision, commitment and overall quality that goes behind the work of installing a septic tank. As I look back to my childhood in the 80’s I can remember how many problems we would have with our DIY septic system and the hassle it would cause to my family. The environmental damage most likely caused along with the overall safety concerns behind it is something I look back at.
Now that I work for a professional septic company I  have learned so much at Lapin Services. I have a greater understanding of maintenance and regular pump outs. It is much easier to schedule a pump out occasionally every few years than to risk the system going bad and possibly even damaging the drain field.

So is a DIY septic system really a bad idea?

We now regularly come out to fix the problems that other septic tank companies have created by not adhering to basic industry quality standards, occasionally we even find a DIY septic system. If you think the issues caused by a fly by night company are bad you can only imagine the results of one of these DIY septic systems.  In my opinion I feel as if Lapin Services is the septic super hero of the greater Central Florida Area. When our team goes out to the site we end up seeing and identifying problems that have been created because of some of our competitors lack of understanding basic county and code guidelines, or a DIY septic system.  As you can imagine trying to install a system without first obtaining a DOH permit, and then actually installing the system without professional experience is in fact a really bad idea!  If a system is installed without obtaining all of the vital information (soil quality, well locations, proper system depth, and even basic plumbing standards)  the results can be dramatic to not only the environment, but also the homeowners finances.
I currently live in a condo near Disney that does not have a septic tank, but when I choose to finally purchase a home for my family I would not trust anyone else but Lapin Service. I have been out there and witnessed for my self the poor work from some of our competitors, and I know about the DIY septic systems. Many people might consider us the folks who save them from a very bad situation. Did we become the leader in quality over night?  The answer simply is no, our history, knowledge, experience, quality and our roots in this industry goes back to the late 1950s. I think it is safe to say that is the one of the main reasons why I would trust Lapin Service over any other company with all my future sewage and septic needs. Sincerely, Kedesh
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Blog by Kedesh Ortiz
DIY Septic System?

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