Lapin Loyalty Club

Discount on Our Services

Silver Membership Option – $9.00 per month

  • 10% discount on all plumbing, septic, and sewer services – Reduces the costs of any plumbing repairs.
  • One plumbing and septic inspection per year – This includes checking for problems in your drains, sewer lines, septic system, water lines, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and more!
  • Unlimited FREE minor diagnostic service – Need to check out that mystery odor or leak? Maybe we need to dig a hole to investigate a leaky pipe? Or, maybe we need to test the operation of your water heater? Now you are covered.
  • Flush/drain water heater (if applicable) – Water heaters fill up with sediment, due to minerals in the water. Flushing out that sediment once a year keeps the water heater working efficiently and helps prevent leaks.
  • Test your water for chlorine and hardness – See how clean (or not) your water is. Did you know most municipal water has just as much chlorine as a swimming pool?
  • Priority service – With your VIP status; we put you ahead of all non-priority members. We serve you first.

Gold Membership Option – $17.00 per month

  • Includes benefits of Silver plan, above.
  • 15% discount on all plumbing, septic and sewer services – The best discount in the industry for repairs with a membership plan.
  • Replace toilet flapper (if needed) – Prevents wasting water from toilet leaks and preserves septic systems.
  • Replace faucet aerator (if needed) – Allows your faucets to flow properly, prevents annoying dripping, and preserves septic systems.
  • Treat your drains and septic system with Bio One – Bio One helps keep your drain and sewer lines remain free of clogs and helps breakdown solids in septic tanks by using an environmentally-friendly treatment.
  • Get a 2-year warranty on all repairs – We guarantee the quality of our work for 2 years; giving you peace of mind.

Platinum Membership Option – $28.00 per month

    • Includes all benefits of Silver and Gold Memberships – This is the best option for customers with a septic system at their home or business.
    • Septic pumping – Includes one pump out of the septic system up to 1000 gallons, at no additional charge. (See ToC)
    • Free Septic Tank Filter Cleaning – Includes one FREE septic filter cleaning per year; at time of pump-out.
    • Check the operation of septic pump system – Helps prevent unnecessary pump failure, due to multiple issues that could affect these systems.
    • Discounted septic tank riser and cover – 20% total discount on riser and cover installation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 10% discount on all services and repairs up to $200.00 per service, this is in conjunction with any applicable coupons
  2. 15% discount on all services and repairs up to $300.00 per service, this is in conjunction with any applicable coupons
  3. Drain field inspection is limited to visual inspection only by technician and may require a drain field specialist to evaluate any concerns noticed by the technician at time of service. The inspection does not imply any warranty to the system either verbal or written.
  4. Septic pumping will be done after one full year of membership payments have been made in full. And every year after if membership statues is still current. Pump out is a basic pump down of the system as does not include any unforeseen task such as: Heavy pumping of solids, deep digs due to out of code systems, Difficult access to tanks or any other issues not listed in the ToC.
  5. None of the inspections come with any type of implied warranty of material or labor unless items such as material or labor are supplied by Lapin Services.
  6. Any 2 year warranty provided by us in the Lapin Loyalty Club is only valid if member continues plan. If plan is canceled before warranty expiration, warranty is no longer valid. Lapin Services also has complete discretion to determine if warranty is valid due to misuse of product, physical damage or any other misuse lead to the defect of item or labor in question.
  7. Drain Cleaning, jetting, snaking, auguring or any service of the like DOES NOT have any warranty unless line is video inspected and determined to be in good condition and is noted in the dispatch or invoice as such. The warranty that is offered with any of the drain cleaning is contingent upon proper use of the system. Lapin Services does not take responsibility for misuse of the system and foreign objects that may be put into the drain lines.
  8. Lapin Loyalty Club pricing may vary and can change without notice. Price is guaranteed for a one year period at time of signing

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