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Need a septic inspection?

Need a septic inspection in Orlando? When our technicians come out to the property, the first thing they will do is locate both the septic tank and the drainfield. They will document the measurement and location of your drainfield as well as the size of your tank.

“document the measurement and location of your drainfield”

Next, the technician will pump out your septic tank to make sure they get a good look at the inside of the tank. They will take a look at the outlet, distribution box, the structural integrity of the walls of the tank and other components.

“our technicians will inform you of any damages”

During this part of the process, our technicians will inform you of any damages or potential problems to look out for with your septic system. They will also take time to provide you with information on how you can take care of your septic system and some things of what to do and what not to do. This information will help you to increase the longevity of your system. If you need a Septic Real Estate Inspection in Central Florida, do not hesitate to contact Lapin Services right away!

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What to expect when you schedule a Septic Pump-Out?

When our technician arrives on-site, after greeting you and generally explaining what he will be doing, he will locate the tank by probing the yard for it. Once they have dug up the lid they will advise you of any problems they see initially before pumping out the contents of the tank. They will check for filters and any clogs that may exist and advise you of any additional maintenance that may be needed. They will also check the condition of the drainfield and advise you of any concerns they may have. Once complete they will do their best to return the site to its original condition, and submit a report back to you with in 24-48 hours.


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