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Property Management

Just as you would never let your display signs fall apart, your kitchen get dirty, or your parking lot fill with trash you certainly cannot let your water and wastewater systems be neglected. A system failure or backup can cost you thousands in repairs, down-time, or health inspection fines.

From your plumbing units, water appliances, and drain lines to your sewage or septic systems, grease traps, and lift stations, Lapin Services can eliminate the risks of costly backups or leaks.

We offer year round maintenance for all of the following systems and more.

Grease Traps – Indoor or in ground – we keep you compliant with all local and state ordinances and manage your required manifest records as part of our service to you. We can also repair and install new grease traps, something many of our competitors cannot do.

Lift Stations – Large or small we have certified technicians that specialize in lift station maintenance. Lapin Services is also a licensed underground utility contractor, so we can even rebuild or completely install new lift stations as required.

Sewer Systems – From cleaning to repairs and installations we can investigate and take care of all types of sanitary sewer systems, including video pipe inspection, high-velocity water jetting, debris and root removal, point repairs, emergency maintenance, and more.

Stormwater Systems – Heavy rains and hurricanes can wash debris into stormwater systems causing them to not drain properly. Lapin Services can inspect and clean any stormwater system regardless of size. As underground utility contractors we can repair and install any type of stormwater system as well.

Septic Systems – We specialize in maintaining, repairing and installing all types of septic systems, including aerobic treatment units (ATU’s). Lapin Services has two Master Septic Contractors on staff ready to serve you.

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning – We can service your entire plumbing system from appliances to drains, including repairs and cleaning.

Other Services – Additionally, we can clean and restore retention ponds, ditches, and swalls, perform septic to sewer conversions, and rehabilitate, clean, or install any water or wastewater system.

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