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Real Estate Purchase Pending?

Remember to have the Septic System Inspected.

You protect your client’s interests by suggesting that they have the potential purchase checked for termite and mold damage.

You protect them by telling them how important it is to have the roof inspected before finalizing the purchase. Skipping this important process could cost your client thousands of dollars, and could cost you your reputation as a realtor.

If you skip the inspection of the septic system it can cost your client, and you, just as much. Detecting healthy, failing, or failed systems can only be done by professional septic contractors, not by home inspectors. Yet, failing to have your client’s septic system inspected may result in your client having to replace the system within months of occupying the new property. This can cost them thousands of dollars to replace.

To help you act as an “Agent of Prevention” for your clients you can now offer to your clients a discount on septic system inspections to give them peace of mind in their potential purchase.

Click the coupon on this page to offer your clients $25 off their septic real estate inspection.

We also offer Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) real estate inspections,
as well as commercial septic real estate inspections.


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