Florida Septic Tank Services Installation Construction Since 1958

Florida Septic Tank Services Installation Construction Since 1958 with Friendly, Professional Septic Services You Can Count On!. Lapin Services gives you honest and professional service and will always treat your job right! When you need a septic pump-out, real estate inspection, or a new drainfield, you need to hire someone you can trust. 

Septic Services Done Right The First Time!

Septic Tank Information: When waste does not decompose by the anaerobic digestion, Lapin Services is the professionals to remove the waste from the septic tank. Otherwise the septic tank fills up and wastewater containing un-decomposed material discharges directly to the drainage field. Not only is this detrimental for the environment but, if the sludge overflows the septic tank into the leach field, it may clog the leach field piping or decrease the soil porosity itself, requiring expensive repairs.

What happens when a septic tank gets full? A vacuum truck will pump out the accumulation of sludge or septage, which is also known as fecal sludge, from the septic tank. When a septic tank gets full, it depends on the volume of the tank relative to the input of solids, the amount of indigestible solids, and the ambient temperature. This is because anaerobic digestion occurs more efficiently at higher temperatures. Other factors consider usage, system characteristics, and the requirements of the relevant authorities. Some health authorities require tanks to be emptied at prescribed intervals, while others leave it up to the decision of an inspector.


Florida Septic Tank Services Installation Construction Since 1958

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  • Give YOU peace of mind
  • Quality services with Integrity
  • Septic pump-outs and cleaning
  • Septic Real Estate Inspections
  • Drainfield installations & repair
  • Septic tank repairs & replacements
  • Pump system repairs
  • Septic filter cleaning and replacements
Florida Department of Health Onsite Sewage Treatment

According to the Florida Department of Health, onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS), commonly referred to as septic systems, are a safe and effective means of wastewater disposal for 30 percent of Florida’s population.  With approximately 2.6 million systems in operation, Florida represents 12 percent of the United States’ septic systems.  Properly designed, constructed, and maintained systems protect Florida’s ground water which provides 90 percent of Florida’s drinking water.  Permitting and inspection of OSTDS is handled by the Environmental Health Section of the Florida Department of Health in each county.

Testimonial:  “Talk about honesty. Thank you for being a stand up company. Your company saved me at least 300 bucks all the way up to $5,000. Thank you!” – Alex M.



Florida Septic Tank Services Installation Construction Since 1958

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