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Importance of Septic Maintenance for Homeowner’s

Maintaining your septic system properly is essential to extending the life of the system and saving you thousands of dollars in costly and disruptive repairs. Primarily by pumping out the septic tank an average of every 2-3 years, and making sure you have an effectively operating filter in place will help save the drainfield from getting solids in it. Additionally, conserving water usage appropriate to your drainfield size is also essential, as water overuse is a large contributor to drainfield failures. Call us today to have your system fully serviced and maintained.

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How a Drainfield works

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What to expect when you schedule a Septic Pump-Out?

When our technician arrives on-site, after greeting you and generally explaining what he will be doing, he will locate the tank by probing the yard for it. Once they have dug up the lid they will advise you of any problems they see initially before pumping out the contents of the tank. They will check for filters and any clogs that may exist and advise you of any additional maintenance that may be needed. They will also check the condition of the drainfield and advise you of any concerns they may have. Once complete they will do their best to return the site to its original condition.

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