Why Choose Lapin as your Plumber?

Trusted by thousands of Central FL customers, Top-quality workmanship, Trained and Friendly Plumbers, Guaranteed Satisfaction, 24/7 Emergency Response


Why you need a Professionally Trained Plumbing Contractor

It’s tempting to try to fix minor plumbing issues on your own. From drain cleaning to repiping we strongly urge using a professional, licensed plumbing company like Lapin Services. Our warranties and guarantees will prevent future frustrations and our skilled plumbers have the range of knowledge needed to get the job done right. An improperly repaired or installed system could cause extensive water damage and flooding that, if not done by a professionally licensed plumber, could be denied by an insurance company when claimed.


Homeowners have the fastest service and fairest prices with Lapin Plumbers.

Our plumbing technicians are knowledgeable, professional and quality focused. Our every intention is to give you the best experience possible. We offer the best warranties in Central Florida and a “Lapin Loyalty Club” membership that allows us to partner with you to find small issues with your plumbing system before they become major ones.

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Meet our Team of Professional Plumbers

Each plumbing technician follows a strict code of business ethics. Above all, their code of ethics follows Integrity, Quality, and Commitment. Ultimately, we perform each job with pride and excellence.






Some of our services offered:

24/7 Emergency Plumbing

  • Interior
  • Drain Cleaning and Clogs
  • Toilet Installation
  • Bidet Installation
  • Video Pipe Inspections
  • Exterior
    • Blackflow Prevention Repair and Installation
    • Clean-Out (Main Drain Access) Installation
    • Drain Cleaning (Hydro-Jetting) and Clogs
    • Ejector Pump Installation and Repair
    • Main Valve Repairs and Installation (Main water shut-off valve)
    • Pipe Repairs
    • Pump Installation and Repairs
      • Sewage Pump
      • Sump Pump Installation and Repairs
    • Valve Repairs and Installs
    • Video Pipe Inspections
    • Water Pressure Testing
      • Sewer Maintenance, Repairs and Installs
        • Sewer Connections
        • Sewer Jetting and Descaling

Commercial Plumbing Services open 24/7 with fast responses.

No matter the size or the problem with your commercial facilities we have you covered with trained technicians and quality equipment to tackle the toughest jobs. Our intention is to prevent shutdowns to your business and customers, or to get you back to full operations as fast as possible.

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