4 Steps involved with Septic Inspections

What are Septic Real Estate Inspections ?

Why are Septic Real Estate Inspections important?

Purchasing a home can be one of the toughest decisions you can make. Doing as much research and due diligence on the property can sometimes be time-consuming and painstaking for some. However, being prepared with the right facts about a particular parcel may save you plenty of time and hassle in the future. Real Estate Inspections are part of this process and can go a long way.

For many people, the most important factor is whether the home is on a sewer or septic system? If the property is on a city sewer, when you flush the toilet the wastewater get’s moved to another location. Whatever you flush gets transported sometimes for many miles, down to a big huge waste water plant.

However, if the home isn’t on a city sewer system, then more than likely you may have a small on-site wastewater plant called a septic system. In a septic system, the actual tank is intended to withhold most of the solids. The liquid portion of the waste ends up being absorbed by the earth below the property via the drainfield part of the system.

Why is this important?

Being on a septic system in many cases may actually limit the amount of outgoing wastewater capacity from your home via the plumbing. In other words – being on a septic system may actually limit the amount of water that you are able to dispose of. If and when you do reach maximum capacity due to the system not being able to absorb any more water due to ground saturation, this can be a hassle. The system may just reject any more water you try to flush down until the ground around the drainfield dries or gets less saturated.

When you’re on sewer you may have the ability to have more outgoing capacity VS a septic system. The plumbing in your home delivers the waste water down to the sewer system and capacity usually is never an issue. It’s going to a far away waste water plant and not to the front or backyard.

Over the long term being on septic may be more cost effective in many areas, but being on sewer may actually be more maintenance free than septic. A septic real estate inspection is important for many reasons.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Location: Septic real estate inspections can determine the location of your system and drain field. Knowing where your drain field is located can be crucial. Especially crucial if you allow family/friends, and contractors to park/drive over the grass/yard areas of the home. You do not want folks parking on your drainfield.

  2. Health: Imagine buying a car without checking the engine first. Imagine owning a septic system without having it first examined. You most definitely should check out what you are buying before buying it, to avoid possible issues down the line.

  3. Requirement: It many cases a bank or lending institution may require it. Make sure that whoever you choose to perform the inspection, that they also provide a report. This final report is what is submitted.

Below we have provided you with an illustration of how simple the process septic real estate inspections can be. Have no fear, we do all the hard stuff for you so you don’t have to.

Here are 4 simple steps to a Septic Real Estate Inspection:

Real Estate Septic Inspections by Lapin Services

So why septic?

Many people refuse to live on septic for fear of maintenance. Although having a septic system is not a bad thing if you properly take care of it. The main reason many folks decide to live on septic is really easy for them. The home of your dreams came with one. In many cases, you do not really have a choice due to lack of sewer systems in the area.

Many of the most exquisite properties in the world are still on a septic system. Hope we were able to provide you some insight on this matter and why inspections are important. So feel free to save or share this article and please have a great happy home hunting!



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