4 Benefits of upgrading your old water heater

4 Benefits of upgrading your old water heater

Orlando, FL.

Although you may be able to repair your aging water heater, replacing a super old unit may actually come with many benefits. Here are 4 reasons why upgrading to a newer model of water heater can be very beneficial.

  1. Energy Efficiency – Upgrading to a newer model of water heater can actually benefit you more than you think. A water heater can account for around 18%-25% of the average monthly household energy bill. Newer tankless water heaters can actually save you a lot of money due to the fact that it does not hold water and constantly heating it throughout the day. A tankless water heater is more like Hot – Water on demand!


  1. Less Hassle – If you are having issues with your current older model, upgrading to a newer model or repairing it can actually save you on headaches and uncertainty. Why deal with the stress when you can upgrade to a newer worry free model. If a purchasing a newer model is out of reach, contact us about possibly repairing the one you already have. Don’t wait till it completely fails and you are left with cold showers or worst… extensive water damage from a leaky old unit.


  1. Save space – While we are on the subject of a tankless system…. Did you know many newer models of water heaters are a lot smaller than their older clunkier counterparts. A newer smaller tankless water heater may actually be ideal for folks who own or are looking to own a Tiny Home. Since Tiny homes are more limited in space, having a water heater that can actually fit in a small closet can essentially be highly beneficial. Less space for the water heater means more space for you!


  1. Endless Hot Water – Larger households with more bathrooms and simultaneous users can also increase the demand of the water heater. Upgrading to a newer model may also be able to increase the ability to handle this type of demand. Contact us today for more information on choosing the right water heater for your home.



Water Heater efficiency may be more important than you think

We can go out and offer you a free estimate and go over all of your options. We also highly recommend that if you are going to go through with upgrading to a new water heater that you also consider adding some type of water filtration unit to the property as well. Having filtered water can be very beneficial if you go the tankless route. It can prevent certain sediments from possibly damaging it. Tankless water heaters have smaller interior components when compared to one that has a tank. This reason alone may cause hassle depending on the incoming water source.

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