4 Ways you can be prepared for Hurricane Season

4 Ways you can be prepared for Hurricane Season

Be prepared for Hurricane Season

We all know that every now and then a strong storm can come inland and wreck havoc in Florida. However, did you know there might be ways you can help prepare for one? It can actually minimize the potential damage to your property that may be caused by a strong storm or hurricane.  Although there may not be a way to stop debris and strong winds causing damage to your real estate, there are still ways you can help offset the damage by preparing for it.

Here are 4 things you can do to help minimize the damage from potentially dangerous amounts of wind and water coming onto your property.


  • Check your Storm Drains. This means anything from making sure debris is not blocking the storm drains nearby to making sure fallen leaves from trees get raked up regularly. All this heavy organic material can become a nuisance if not picked up and disposed of regularly.


  • Maintain the Septic System if you have one. By cleaning out your septic tank and removing solids that may have accumulated over the years, you can help your drainfield be prepared for any extra capacity or stress that may be presented to your wastewater system. During times of heavy rainfall, the ground can become very saturated and this may affect the way your drainfield operates. So it is best to have your system maintained or up to shape prior to these types of events.


  • Prevent Backyard Flooding by focusing on trouble spots. The backyard is often a location many homeowners overlook for potential flooding threats. If historically your property has an area that tends to pool up or flood up with water, even after a light shower or two… you should give this area priority. Imagine a storm system that lingers over the area for several days?!


  • Trim Old Trees. Time after time we have seen Homeowners overlook aging trees in their yard. These same old trees and branches can become potential hazards. Loose tree limbs can easily become projectiles if a strong enough storm or hurricane comes through. Make sure to keep your landscaping up to date to avoid possible projectiles during a rough storm.

Thank you for reading this and be sure to follow us on Instagram. Visit Lapinservices.com for more tips and advice on how you can be prepared. In the event you need assistance due to a strong storm this Summer, be sure to call us at 407-841-8200.

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