Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions in Plumbing, Pump Outs, and why we are the One to Trust.

Creative solutions in certain situations can be one factor in repairing a complex problem. Originally the call to Lapin Services at 407-841-8200 was for a pair of what we consider to be routine maintenance requirements in our industry. One of the primary needs for this particular customer included a septic tank pump out which is to occur approximately once every three years to five years depending on family size and other important conditions.

Replace A Defective Pump

Another need was for the customer to replace a defective 1/3 horse power effluent pump. “An effluent pump is designed to move sewage water from a dosing tank to an elevated drain field,” says Jim Cessna, plumbing manager of Lapin Services. But, of course, for the effluent pump to continue to function, however, the wiring must remain in good condition. Even though the wiring in previous years had no problems, recently the wiring could not remain inescapably hidden from the whirling equipment of the gardeners.  As the gardeners were concentrating on trimming the area they had accidentally cut the wire.
However, this was not the only time the wiring for the effluent pump had been accidentally chopped by the gardeners.  Accidents will happen, but this is the second time the same wiring had been cut within the year.

“Customer Satisfaction”

The customers needed something to be done. They needed something to be done quickly and adequately.  And the customers WANTED something done to prevent the recurrence of this situation.  But, who do you trust to implement your creative solution?  Who do YOU trust?

Lapin Services…The One You Can Trust

The customer called on the one they could trust… Lapin Services! They knew Lapin Services COULD and WOULD do the job for them. It was done as they requested on time. And it was done excellently by the skilled and creative technicians at Lapin Services. I am reminded here of something I’ve heard personally by the president of Lapin Services.  It’s a scripture verse, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”
For plumbing, septic tank pump outs, for drain fields, grease traps, storm drains, or for site development … call Lapin Services … the one you can trust! Call 407-841-8200.
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