Plumbing Barrier

Plumbing Barrier
Plumbing Barrier. Plumbing language barrier and wall leak solved
Plumbing barrier – Another company had completed several repairs on the leaks in the home. The other company was attempting to patch the leaks from inside the walls where they were located. Three trips later there were still internal wall leaks. The customer was racking up the fees with individual calls and repairs. And there were still many leaks to be reached! The couple had begun to see the writing on the wall. He needed to have his whole house re-piped.
The gentleman then called Lapin Services for an estimate. “The job was accepted by the couple and the work was begun the following week,” said Ryan, a plumber for Lapin Services. With two Orlando plumbers on the job, they were quickly accomplishing much. They were finding evidence of still more leaks behind the walls. They were removing previously repaired areas and connections that had to be replaced, and then correctly by-passing the corroded pipes in the home with PEX pipe.
Then there was a snag, a clog to the work on the job. The lady of the house found a hose bib and faucet that was placed on the outside of the dwelling just beyond the screen room. It was placed there to avoid any potential water spurting from the required vacuum breaker system. “The city requires those fittings”, says Jim Cessna, Plumbing Manager at Lapin Services. Because they are a required “code” to pass inspections these days.” He was on this job acting as plumbers assistant to expedite the process.  
A Language Barrier
The only immediate problem was the English and Spanish language barrier between the customer and the plumbers. The Hispanic plumbers were busy on another site. And, the customer was struggling to communicate her desire. The customer wanted to have the patio hose bib placed inside the screen room for her convenience to water the decorative flowering plants located there. The customer and plumber were doing the best they could through a series of hand signals and broken Spanish. This problem had become a solid plumbing barrier! What now? 
The plumber brilliantly thought of his phone! He began to use “Google Translate” with the customer to communicate back and forth with the customer. It worked! The technician was soon able to realize she wanted to have the exterior hose bib on the inside of her screen room.  
Because there were two possible locations for the new hose bib on the inside of her patio. The customer and plumber went back and forth communicating through their phone systems about the repair and replacement.  The customer was concerned about the location she desired. But then when the tech mentioned through the translation system, to use another location only two feet from the existing one with no additional charge, the deal was done! The lady was overjoyed!
Technology Builds Relationships
The solid plumbing barrier was broken and they were definitely now speaking the same language. Thanks to the ingenuity of the plumber, there was open communication. Another happy customer! Now, you too can see Lapin Services truly speaks your language…EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Also, if you haven’t noticed our Lapin Services website has the ability to allow a visitor to select any language!  Your browser will keep the site on the language you choose.
In addition, give Lapin Services a call for your plumbing repairs, replacements, and your septic system needs! 
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