A Drain Field, A Septic System, Plumbing, and A New Vision

A Drain Field, A Septic System, Plumbing, and A New Vision
Drain Field, Septic System, Plumbing, and A New Vision
Lapin Services is installing a new septic system and drain field on the property of an older home in the Winter Garden area. The work had broken ground earlier in the morning. Quite a bit of work has been accomplished since then.
A newer model white SUV pulled in the driveway. The driver’s door opened and a woman exited the vehicle and walked toward me.  She introduced herself as being the owner of the property. In a few minutes, she would be meeting another vendor to have added work done to the building.  But for now, the owner was happy to tell me about the big plans she had for the property.
The owner smiled as she began to enlighten me regarding her new vision.  “It will be a veterinary clinic,” she announced.  A major renovation will be undertaken. As she pointed to the south, she continued, “The parking lot will be over there. The entrance will have a curved driveway. And the property will have lots of new landscaping.” The excitement was evident in her eyes as she explained some other details. Another vehicle began to enter the driveway. It was her next appointment.
The Renovation
With a renovation of this nature there’s always a vision for the property, and always some real major expenses. The owners of the real estate do what they can to lower the cost of the revamping. However, to curb a major expense such as a new drain field, one should observe a few guidelines. These guidelines include some tips that should begin years earlier.
Chris Dunn, Director of Operations, mentioned several points to care for existing septic systems and to avoid drain field failure. “One of the first things is to have a regular pump out every two to three years.” He also mentioned lessening the usage of water. “Hydraulically overloading your septic system on a regular basis will cause the soil to be super saturated,” he said.  Also, Mr. Dunn recommended that, “Only plants with short root bases may be planted over the drain field. Planting grass would be best. Planting trees, any trees, over the drain field is never a recommendation.”
The previous owners and the current owner of the new veterinary clinic property would have benefited from the recommendations of Chris Dunn.  In spite of the expense, the incoming owner of the property has excitement, purpose, and a new vision.  After discussing the job with the drain field technicians at Lapin Services, I deduced that they have excitement, purpose and also a joyful vision.  Their vision and excitement come from a joy within themselves over a job well done,  As a team, Lapin Services is also joyful, over a happy customer!
For any plumbing needs, septic tank or grease trap servicing, or construction, such as a new drain field, give Lapin Services a call.
At Lapin Services you will receive excellent recommendations, excellent workmanship, and a joyful new vision…just for you!
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