Longwood Neighborhood Conversion

Longwood Neighborhood Conversion
Longwood Neighborhood Conversion – Major New Plumbing Site
Longwood neighborhood. Reeling and swirling.  The leaves were whirling in the cloud of dust on the dirt road in the shape of a miniature tornado.  Visually captivating, and going my direction, I pursued it until it dissipated.  The rest of the dust in the air was calmly clearing as the water truck did its job by spraying the dirt road as it slowly traveled.
The water truck is essential for the technicians of Lapin Services at this location in Longwood, Florida.  Lapin Service technicians are working on homeowners’ properties adjacent to the dirt road.  The technicians are tying into the homeowner’s plumbing that connects to the City’s sewer system.
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The Main Event
This is a main event that involves 248 properties in the neighborhood.  “It’s a big job,” says a Lapin Services Construction Supervisor.  The general contractor is installing the major sewer lines of several streets in Longwood to the City Sewer Department.  The city is installing pipes, lines, and manholes.  “The technicians of Lapin Services are tying in the sewer lines that the general contractor is doing,” says the supervisor.  “Lapin Services is doing the sub work for the general contractor who has the total job of the roadwork, lines, and manholes for the City of Longwood.”
Progress in Longwood, Florida
“Phase 1A is where we’re at today,” the supervisor says.  Her job entails of making certain that they’re getting the right amount of production done per day.  And, that the materials are being delivered on time.  “Also,” she further explains, “An inspection must be done for each homeowner’s property. Once the inspector signs off on the permit, then the lines that were installed can be closed up and covered over with dirt around each clean out.”  The “clean outs” are the access pipes and caps that are left standing at regular intervals like soldiers at the corner of each property.
Tank Abandonment
The main process of this job and before technicians connect the city sewer line, is the abandonment of the septic tanks.  Lapin technicians need to pump out the tank.  “They are then inspected to make sure that they are no longer holding water or receiving sewage,” says the supervisor. Once technicians pump the tank, they must either crush the concrete tanks or remove the plastic tanks for proper disposal.  Finally, technicians attach the connection line from the house towards the front yard.  “Then the line connects to the “stub out,” which connects to the main line in the middle of the road.” Quite an undertaking, don’t you think?
Major New Plumbing Site
What Are Your Plumbing Needs?
So, what might be your plumbing need?  Do you have a large plumbing requirement with the City,  like the one discussed here?  Do you need a pump out for your septic tank?  Or do you have a sizable clog in your sink?  Whatever the need, simply remember Lapin Services is your source for major or minor plumbing issues.
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