24 Hour Septic Emergency Services

24 Hour Septic Emergency Services
Emergency Services at Lapin Services

At Lapin Services, we take special care of each individual septic issue that comes our way. We attempt to get to your emergency in a timely manner as best we can. Some emergencies override others. There will be times where septic problems can get out of control on the worst days possible. Days like this usually occur on the weekend while enjoying company from friends or family. We try our best to address each and every case we receive with quality care and expedience. However, not every issue will qualify as an “emergency.” Read on below to see what constitutes a septic emergency.

Septic Backups In Your Home

When we say septic backups, we mean a flowing backup that occurs within your home.  If your septic tank is full and needs service, or if the septic filter is clogged and needs to be changed, you may encounter a septic backup.  If your drains and toilets are flooding in the home from a septic backup, this constitutes as a septic emergency and you need to give our pros a call right away.  Slow draining, on the other hand, does not constitute as an emergency and you can schedule septic service to be done during normal scheduling hours.

Septic Backups In The Neighborhood

We aren’t talking about a small puddle or an area of soggy grass in your yard near the septic tank.  When talking about a septic emergency due to a septic backup on the outside of your home, we are talking about the potential of causing environmental or health hazards.  This means that if you notice septic effluent (wastewater from the septic tank) overflowing into the street or sidewalks, this means you’re having a septic emergency and need to give our emergency services a call immediately.  If you don’t get our techs to come solve the issue right away, you run the risk of receiving a reprimand from the local government or health department such as a fine.

How To Avoid a Septic Emergency

There are ways to avoid a septic emergency. You can starHow To Avoid a Septic Emergencyt with routine maintenance of your septic tank such as pump-outs every 2-3 years. This reduces the risk of overflowing and backups tremendously. Another benefit of routine maintenance from our technicians is the fact that while they are there, they can inform you about potential problems such as root intrusions or the need for new septic filters. They will also make sure to leave you with a little more information such as tips and advice to keeping your septic system healthy to avoid future problems.
Another tip to avoid a septic emergency is to watch what you’re putting down your drains. We have several articles on our blog that go over some of the things you shouldn’t be draining. Some things to keep away from your drains include wet wipes, paper towels, cotton swabs, and any other kinds of materials other than toilet paper. You should also be sure not to drain grease, oils or fats from foods which can do serious harm to your septic system including expensive clogging.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is also important in preventing a septic emergency. Think about it, everything you flush or drain enters the septic tank. If you overload the septic tank, you run the risk of backups entering your home as well as damaging the drainfield which is even more expensive to fix. Read our blog to 11 Water Conservation Tips to help you get started. It will help you protect your septic system and avoid a septic emergency as well as reduce your water bill.
We understand that many septic problems can be seen as an emergency to our clients. However, not every septic issue is a septic emergency no matter how stressful it can make you feel. Just give our technicians a call and we will get you scheduled for service to get the problem taken care of as fast as possible to give you back your peace of mind. As for the septic emergencies we mentioned above, there should be no waiting to get our pros to sort out the problem immediately. Day or night.
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