Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease Trap Maintenance
Grease Trap Maintenance: An Infographic

Grease trap maintenance is important if you own a restaurant, bar, or another establishment that serves food, you may have a few questions about your grease trap.  In fact, at one point or another, you may have found yourself needing grease trap cleaning services, or even grease trap replacements entirely.  Because grease traps may be surrounded in mystery, we decided to give you a quick infographic describing what it is, what it does, and some of the consequences of lack of routine maintenance.  If you find yourself in need of cleaning or grease trap replacements, give our professionals a call at 407-841-8200.
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Grease Trap Maintenance and Replacement.

Check out our infographic, below. The illustration shows you how a grease trap works. It is important for all restaurant owners to make sure their grease trap is clean and functioning properly. Poorly maintained grease traps can cause headaches and unwanted expenses. So, call Lapin Services and let our professional technicians come out and help keep your grease trap clean. Regular maintenance is important.

Grease Trap Maintenance is Important for Restaurant MaintenanceGrease trap maintenance infographic

Orange County Florida requires pumping and cleaning of your grease traps/interceptors and oil/water separators. The traps and separators need pumping and cleaning least once every 90 days. For example, if you have a busy restaurant location, you may need more frequent maintenance. In addition, you need a professional to inspect your grease traps (and excessive solids, fats, grease, and oil removal) at least once every 7 days. Call Lapin Services to get your grease trap inspected right away. Read more at the county’s website – click here. Furthermore, you can also read more on grease traps by clicking RIGHT HERE.
So, let Lapin Services keep your restaurant or food processing facility in compliance with county and state regulations. Call us at 407-841-8200 to schedule your inspection, cleaning, or trap replacement.

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