Emergency Plumbing a Clog Captured

Emergency Plumbing a Clog Captured
This is the third call this week.  Yes, it’s an emergency plumbing call.  The convenience store manager takes pride in his store and is trying to get control of his particular plumbing situation and problem.  The Lapin Services plumbing truck arrives and is viewed through the front windows.  The manager of the convenience store hurriedly comes through the front door to give the plumbing technician the updated information.
“The men’s restroom is having trouble again,” he says.  “The convenience store in the previous couple of days has had a variety of clogs each time.  Today, the floor drains are backing up to the walkway areas of the store”.
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This is truly an emergency plumbing situation, some customers are completely undeterred and are still trudging through the mess.

It is understood that it’s a store of convenience and most of the customers are in a hurry.  But, just a few of the people visiting the store are in too big of a hurry.  They are using the plumbing and toilets as trash receptacles.
“The store manager is a good guy,” says Brandon, a Lapin Services Plumber.  “A great job is being done,  And the store manager knows about the issues.”  He is working on solving the problem and developing some new customer relations techniques.  This is especially needed since trash can’t really be shoved down the toilets.  Many of the items being thrown away must be disposed of more appropriately.  With this recent emergency plumbing event, it was diagnosed that “the main” was in need of hydro jetting.
The Lapin Services plumbing manager says, “Depending on how the system is being used, hydro jetting may be the preferable method of clog removal, especially in commercial instances.”

Hydro jet drain cleaning is done with specific tools, hoses, and equipment.

This equipment does not use a chemical.  It is a more reliable and powerful method of cleaning than with any chemical.  Hydro jet drain cleaning is also more effective than snaking out the pipes. Snaking breaks up the clog but the residue remains on the drain pipe walls.
When the drain is hydro jetted it forces the clog out to the other end, where in this case, the plumber used his skilled techniques to capture and remove the clog itself.
The Lapin Services plumbing technician took care of the clog quickly at the convenience store. The manager was a happy customer because the plumber snared it.  And the clog this time?  It was a cell phone!
Capture or remove your clog quickly no matter what it is!  Call Lapin Services!
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