Tackling a stubborn drain clog – Central Florida

Tackling a stubborn drain clog – Central Florida


So you have been up all night trying to troubleshoot and unclog a stubborn drain in one of your bathrooms with no luck. You have tried a plunger and at this point you have realized that you are making no progress. Everyone at some point has experienced a slow or clogged drain, so don’t worry.


“Sometimes a simple plunger can get the job done, especially if it is a minor clog. “


But what happens when every over the counter tool you bought has still not resolved the problem. Having a sink issue is always a hassle, however having plumbing issues during a busy work and school week or busy holiday is never fun. 


So you go online and search how-to videos and invest time and effort in doing it your self, and after hours of trying you still get nowhere. 


So what next? If you would like to bypass going at it alone and stressing over an unresolved drain blockage, give us a call. It may actually be more cost and time effective to use Lapin Services VS The inconvenience of missing work, school and appointments by going at it alone and perhaps not even being able to fix it. What if the issue is not a simple clog and perhaps something way bigger?


“It may be best to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible!”


Why stress yourself with plumbing issues and simply let the professionals handle it. We are local leaders in the plumbing, septic and sewer industry. Our team has the right knowledge and tools to get the job done efficiently. This is why we highly recommend that you call our main number and speak to one of our reps. We may be able to even give you a price estimate so that you better understand the costs involved.


Give us a call today and ask how can we help you!



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