I have never owned a home on septic, will I need a septic inspection?

I have never owned a home on septic, will I need a septic inspection?

Are you in need of a septic inspection? Thousands of homes in the Central Florida area rely on a septic system for wastewater disposal. Maintaining your septic system is the key to the longevity of it. The recommendation is to have it pumped out every 2 to 3 years. 


“Can my system fail on me?”


If your system is heavily used and you are not taking care of it, then yes problems may arise in the future. 


Usage is usually impacted by the amount of occupants living in the property. The more folks that live in the home, the more likely you will eat away at your wastewater capacity and the more likely usage will increase. 


“I was told I needed a septic inspection, what now?”


Our team of experts are available to assist you and guide you through the process of a septic real estate inspection. A home inspector upon noticing that your future home has a septic system may recommend that you call a septic company. We recommend that the septic inspection should come after the home inspection. The reasoning behind this is that your home inspector may find an issue with the home that may cause you to not purchase it. By doing the septic inspection first, then you might have paid for a septic inspection that you may have not needed. So because of this, we highly recommend doing the home inspection first. 


The septic inspection may be able to reveal potential problems that it currently has. 


“Are septic inspections only for real estate transactions”


Absolutely not, many people in the past have had an inspection done just for peace of mind. If you think that you may have issues with your septic system or drainfield, then you should call us right away. We offer free estimates and can guide you on the right path to having a fully functional system. Many clients rely on our septic inspection services to make sure their system is sound.


“Who is Lapin Services?”


We are a local leader in the Plumbing, Septic and Sewer industries. Many residential and commercial clients rely on our expertise to keep their wastewater systems running optimally. Over the last few decades, we have made our name in many of these industries. We love providing top-notch service with some good old-fashioned great customer service. Because at Lapin, we believe in providing great care and putting our client’s needs first. Do not hesitate to ask about our septic real estate inspection services.


Thank you for reading this and call us anytime if we can be of assistance.





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