An Award Winning Clog

An Award Winning Clog

The award goes to…

There are awards existing for all sorts of contests.  Awards for medical research, inventions, sports, music, academics, art, and films are among the notable.  Also included are awards for the dumbest lawsuits, weirdest stories, and even awards for the stinkiest sneakers.  It seems that just about anyone can get an award these days.  How about an award for a drain clog?
The plumbing department at Lapin Services removes all sorts of things stuck in pipes.  Thick, solid, resistant, gooey, fibrous, sickening stuff stops plumbing flow. Sometimes I wonder if there should be an award for the most resistant clog.  When we have a blockage, unknowingly we’ve been working on the creation of it for quite some time. There’s so much work and activity going on into the formation of it, maybe we should be awarded!

What if there was an award for best drain clog?

That would be a new category!  What would be the stipulations?  What would be the rules and regulations for the contestant?  Here’s a suggestion.  The recipient for the Best Drain Clog Award would have to present the judges with the scenario, sources, and substances of the obstruction.  Also the winner would have to remove it and provide the clog itself.
That could be interesting don’t you think?  Are you ready?  The following is an example of one attempt to go for the gold.
While learning a new recipe the contestant spills a bit of flour on the floor.  Reaching for the broom and dustpan the flour is quickly cleaned up and poured down the sink which is closer than the garbage receptacle.  With the faucet flowing, the thickening food product runs to join the fats, grease, and sawdust from previous kitchen and garage cleanups.
The older toddler, out of sight for only a moment, is playing with a couple of toys in the toilet.  Hearing a concerned voice from the kitchen, the child is startled and quickly flushes.
The toys, finding freedom, seem to gleefully slide down the pipes.  Awaiting the slippery playthings are their predecessors, a vast collection of wipes, sanitary napkins,bandages, condoms, and paper towels.  Also waiting are the elements that first started the coagulation; several wads of tangled hair and cigarette filters.

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We’ve done it!  Doing everything we’re not supposed to do in order to create an award winning clog!  The finality of this is the removal of course.  But..Oh no!  It’s too tough, too solid. The blockage is grueling and impacted. It still must be removed for verification. So…the clog absolutely has to be extracted!
Okay.  Here’s the solution. Lapin Services will help you win!
Some clogs are extremely difficult to remove. It’s those tough ones that take knowledge, experience, equipment, and expertise. Rely on the plumbers and technicians at Lapin Services– FOR THE WIN.
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