Septic System Real Estate Inspections

Septic System Real Estate Inspections
Septic System Real Estate Inspections . . . Yes or No?
Septic System Real Estate Inspections. For the potential new homeowner, a Septic System Real Estate Inspection is more than a wise decision. With the other expenses that the prospective buyer incurs, it may seem like just one more expense, at first.  But, this service should not be eliminated from the “to do” list.


The Call of Panic
Recently, there was a mournful homeowner that called the office of Lapin Services. During the appointment call, the homeowner, in my opinion, was not just asking the technician a question, he was asking for counsel, direction, and solace. The customer wanted to know what his options were regarding his new home and the septic system. The residence, as he soon had been made aware, has a non-functioning septic system. The customer needed a septic tank pump out from one company or another every month since occupying his new home.
Video Inspection Time
After a pump out for the customer, and a Closed Circuit Television Inspection, it was discovered that the home plumbing and the drain field has a root infiltration. The root infiltration is due to the immensely beautiful shade tree in his back yard.  But, that is only a part of the story.
For his convenience, prior to moving to his residence, he had “wisely” done a couple of months worth of remodeling.  In his opinion, the remodel wasn’t extensive.  But it was expensive.  The renovation includes the addition of his wonderful new terrace.
The beautifully designed terrace, his joy, and relaxation after a hard day’s work were built. The customer put the terrace under the shade tree which regretfully, was over the front half of the drain field.
After his service call, pump out, and further inspections, he had been more than adequately informed and convinced of his need for a new drain field.  The terrace would have to be temporarily removed and rebuilt after the excavation of those horrible roots in various areas of the plumbing.  And his beautiful huge tree that caused those roots?  It may not survive.
You see, had the customer called last year while the property was under consideration, there would have been less sorrowful options.
Septic System Real Estate Inspections Are Important
Bob McQuitty, Field Supervisor for Lapin Services recommends, “If you’re buying a house with a septic system, have an inspection immediately before buying the house to make sure it is working properly.”

With a Septic System Real Estate Inspection, there are several things that should be done. “The first thing, ” says Bob, is to make sure you have a system that is adequate for the size of the house and for the size of the family.” Also what must be done is to “open up the tank looking at the water level and visibly checking the outlet end of the tank, which would reveal the possibility of a problem.”  Along with the Real Estate Inspection the drain field should be located and measured, making sure it’s adequate for the residence.

Be Aware of Tree Roots Near a Septic System
Lapin’s Project Manager, Chris Albury says, “Be aware of tree roots the size of the drain field, and the amount of gallons the system handles per day. Also, there may be other things out there specific to their system that needs to be questioned.”
Okay, considering the unfortunate predicament of the above-mentioned homeowner, and the counsel of managers Bob and Chris, what is your opinion? For potential homeowners, should a Septic System Real Estate Inspection be done?  Yes or No?  It would be a wise decision don’t you think?
Do yourself a favor, call Lapin Services for your Real Estate Inspection, and also for your septic system and plumbing requirements.  We’re here for you!
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