9 Costly Plumbing Mistakes People Make

9 Costly Plumbing Mistakes People Make

At Lapin Services, we wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help our clients avoid some major problems with their plumbing and septic systems.  So, we created this list of the 9 Costly Plumbing Mistakes People Make to give you some insight into what you may be doing wrong and what habits you can change in the future.

Cranking on Faucet Handles

One of the most common plumbing mistakes people make is when their faucet is dripping.  Instead of getting to the root of the problem, they simply crank the water faucet harder than necessary as if to make the dripping stop.  This does not work.  In fact, water faucets only need gentle treatment to turn on and off while rough treatment can break the fixture.  If there is a drip, it may be a simple fix such as a washer needing replacement.  Either way, make sure you’re treating your appliances correctly to avoid costly problems.

Too Much Weight On Fixtures

Hanging too much weight on your showerhead or using the bathtub water faucet as a footrest can damage those fixtures.  They were not meant to hold so much weight, so we recommend you refrain from putting too many shampoo bottles on the showerhead caddy.  Instead, you can invest in other conventional shower organizers for your shower supplies that don’t require hanging from the showerhead.

Treating Garbage Disposal Like Garbage Compactors

Your garbage disposal is not, we repeat NOT, a garbage compactor.  Gabage disposals were simply meant to help with extra food scraps that end up in the kitchen sink after you’ve scraped your plate into the trash.  Unfortunately, too many people see the garbage disposal as a way to get rid of their trash completely.  This can seriously damage your garbage disposal as well as cause major clogs.  Take a look at our Garbage Disposal Tips to learn more about how to care for your disposal.

Pouring Grease Into Drains

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) have no place entering your drains.  Once in the drainpipes, they will cool and solidify, causing major clogs.  Instead, after cooking with oils or grease, let it cool and pour it into a container.  You can simply store the oil for future use as some people do, or just toss the container into the trash.

Flushing Household Items or Toys

Flushing toys goes without saying but we have seen too many instances where someone may have left some bath toys or other household items on a rack above the toilet and they fell into the toilet bowl causing major clogs.  As a rule of thumb, no items other than toilet paper should be flushed.  Also, be careful with how you store items on shelf racks above the toilet.  Make sure items are secure in case you accidentally knock into the shelf.  You may also want to stay away from placing objects on the toilet tank for this same reason.  Here are some tips to Protecting Your Drainpipes to give you more of an idea what you can and can’t flush.

Dumping Construction Materials Down Drains

This is mainly for the people out there who like to take on DIY projects.  If you had to patch up a wall, pour some concrete, or maybe you’re just working on your next arts n’ crafts piece for the living room, make absolutely sure that those supplies don’t end up in the sink.  For example, if yo used spackling to patch a wall, the same spackling will solidify in the drains and cause a major clogging issue.  The only way to fix it would be to have a re-pipe done.

Leaving Water On During Repairs

This next plumbing mistake is quite simple but all too common.  when preparing to do some DIY plumbing, whether it’s on your washing machine or the kitchen sink or toilet, make sure you turn off the water.  Leaving the water on during a repair will not only make a huge mess of things, the water could potentially damage floors, carpets and even raise your water bill.  Such an easily avoidable mistake can also be very costly when considering other damages that could result.

Turning On Water Heater Before It’s Ready

You just had a brand new water heater installed in your home and you’re ready to take that long needed hot shower.  However, you must be careful not to make the plumbing mistake of turning on the water heater before it’s ready for use.  You need to make sure to fill up the water heater first, take the air bubbles out by running the water, and then you can turn on the water heater.  If the water heater is turned on before it’s full of water, it can burn up.

Your Pride

If not one of the biggest plumbing mistakes someone can make is refusing to ask for help when needed.  The same way you would treat your car to make it last through maintenance and hiring a mechanic, your plumbing also needs maintenance and expert opinions to make it last.  Not knowing something about your plumbing could end up costing you tons of money in repairs.  So why not hold back that pride and give Lapin Services a call if you’re unsure about something?  We make sure to take care of our clients’ needs as well as leave you knowing more about your plumbing when we leave than when we came.  If you’re planning on another DIY project, make sure you have detailed directions or give us a call to give you some tips and tricks to help guide you every step of the way.
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