Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

The Thanksgiving Holiday is typically one of the busiest times of the year for plumbing and septic system services.  Given the amount of food and guests we may have for Thanksgiving, it’s no wonder why there’s potential for so many things to go wrong.  Luckily for you, we are going to give you our top Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips to help you prepare your plumbing system for the heavy load to come, and how to keep problems from happening during the festivities.

Routine Septic Maintenance

Try to have your septic tank pumped and your plumbing checked before Thanksgiving.  This will make sure that any clogs or minor problems that are starting to form are cleared and your septic system will not be overloaded during your family gathering.

Garbage Disposals

Don’t treat your disposal like the garbage can.  Put food scraps in your trash instead of the garbage disposal as much as possible.  Also, when putting leftovers into the disposal, make sure you’re not putting it all down at once.  Just a little at a time will help keep your garbage disposal from overloading and clogging.What to do with Thanksgiving left over food
Do not throw turkey bones, skin, fibrous foods, potatoes, fruits or celery down the garbage disposal.  These things will clog up your disposal and can cause expensive damages.  Look at our guide to Garbage Disposals to get more information.  If all else fails, if you don’t know if it should be poured down the drain, just toss it into the trash.
While using the garbage disposal, make sure you’re running water while it’s on.  Even after it’s finished, run water down the drain for a few more seconds to wash any leftover debris down the drain.

Protect Your Drains

Keep grease, oils and fats far away from garbage disposals and kitchen drains, period.  Once in the pipes, they will cool and solidify causing clogs that can become expensive to fix.  Grease and oils down the drain is not a matter of IF it will clog, it’s a matter of WHEN.  Don’t let that be during Thanksgiving dinner.
Never flush any part of your Thanksgiving meal down the toilet.  Think of it this way, if it isn’t toilet paper or human waste, it doesn’t need to be flushed.  This applies to cotton balls, cotton swabs, paper towels and food. For more tips, read Protecting Your Drain Pipes.
We hope you take these Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips and apply them in your home before, during and after this upcoming holiday.  The last thing you need is to have your family and friends over during a major plumbing and septic system catastrophe.  Just make sure you give our boys here at Lapin Services a call to service your septic tank and plumbing system before the holiday to save you a headache later.
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